OpenStreetMap Visualizations
OSMvis is a collection of visualizations related to OpenStreetMap (OSM), in particular the OSM database, the OSM wiki, and the use of OSM data in general. OSMvis aims at exploring the generation, modification, and use of OSM by the methods of information visualization. The following publication is related to OSMvis:
OSM History of an ElementOSM History of an Element OSM Changes MapOSM Changes Map OSM Tags Word Frequency WikiOSM Tags Word Frequency Wiki OSM Tags - First Documention in the Wiki vs. First Use in the DatabaseOSM Tags - Wiki vs. Database OSM Changes per DayOSM Changes per Day OSM Tags Wiki-HistoryOSM Tags Wiki-History
More visualizations will be added soon.
This application is written and maintained by Franz-Benjamin Mocnik at the GIScience Research Group at the Heidelberg University.
The code is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 (GPL-3).